Learning How to Setup in ACC Part 1: Starting With Your Tires, A Real Easy Place to Start

Welcome to the first in a series dedicated to teaching you how to setup your car in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). Today we are looking at the first step for many people when it comes to setup. Correctly setting up your tire pressure is one of, if not, the most important step in creating a setup. Just a simple change in tire pressure can gain you tenths, if not more!


Dry Tires

When I begin a setup the first thing I do is run 3-5 laps on the default aggressive preset. After those 3-5 laps jump to the pits and look at your hot pressures. The goal is to keep the tire pressures around 27.5 PSI when they are up to temperature. So, lets say after your stint, your tire pressures are, LF:26.9 RF:27.4 LR:27.1 RR:26.7. Adjust the cold temp by the difference to get to 27.5. For the sake of simplicity, lets just do the LF:26.9. 27.5 – 26.9= 0.6. So the difference is 0.6 PSI. Increase your cold PSI that much and do the same for the other 3 tires. Go back on the track and run 3-5 more laps.

Now, that we have completed those laps. Take a look at the PSI of the tires now. LF:27.6 RF:27.4 LR:27.8 RR:27.7. The pressures aren’t exactly 27.5 PSI, but they don’t have to be exact. The tires are always changing depending on the weather, track conditions, how hard you push, oversteer/understeer, etc.. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but getting that close you will feel the difference in the car. It has more grip in the corner so you can push it harder into the corner. It also makes the car more stable and easier to drive. After you get your tire pressure set, you can move on to the next step which would be adjusting your suspension.

One thing to remember is that you need to adjust your setup every session you join. The weather and track temps play a huge part on what your tire pressures are. So whenever building your setup try to save it in the name with the temperature of the track in the name. Always save your setups whenever you make a change. That way you can revert back if a change in the setup makes the car behave worse.

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Wet Tires

Tires in the wet are an entirely different beast. For starters, your tires are constantly being cools by the water as you are driving on the track. The track is changing so frequently, it is hard to keep up with it. However, there are a few things you can do to manage the tires and get them into their preferred operating window.

Start by doing doing 3-5 laps around the track. Remember it is wet! So, be careful! You can not drive the track like you normally would. The driving line will be altered and how hard you can push is dependent on how much water is on the track. Just complete the laps and take a look at your tires. The target is to get your tires between 29.5 PSI – 31.0 PSI.

During a race it can be really tricky to keep your tires in the correct pressures when the dry line starts to form. When your tires start to heat up start looking for puddles to cool them back down. Racing in the wet creates so many challenges that keeping the tires in the optimal operating window is very tricky to do.

That is all for the first part in this series! I hope you guys can learn and improve from this very simple yet critical step. Don’t forget we have plenty of resources in our Driver’s Resources tab. Don’t forget to follow us on instagram!

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