Circuit Paul Ricard


Number of Corners: 15

Turn 1 - After a long blast down the straight the track dips slightly as drivers pick out their braking point for this quick left-hander.

Turn 2 (S de la Verrerie) - Keep the throttle steady to navigate through the second part of this 'S'.

Turn 3 (Virage de l'Hotel) - Now the track is getting more technical, but it starts with a fairly low-speed right for this circuit's standards.

Turn 4 - A dab of throttle before moving through this tight left curve.

Turn 5 (Virage du camp) - Drivers must accelerate again but a harsher braking zone quickly arrives in the form of a right turn, the tightest corner of the lap so far.

Turn 6 (Virage de la Sainte-Beaume) - Back on the throttle but drivers must lift slightly through this right-hander, before flooring it as the track opens up.

Turn 7 - Easy flat out through Turn 7 as drivers emerge onto the Mistral Straight.

Turn 10 (Courbe de Signes) - A gentle curve to the right, in qualifying trim an F1 car can take this flat out.

Turn 11 (Double droite de Beausset) - As the same suggests, a double curve which demands the driver to turn in twice whilst maintaining speed. The tyres simply have to grip.

Turn 12 (Virage de Bendor) - A single curve this time to the left.

Turn 13 (Courbe de Garlaban) - Barely a corner really for those out on track, certainly no need to lift as drivers follow the circuit curving to the right.

Turn 14 (Virage du Lac) - Hug the kerb for maximum pace through this left bend, but a good exit is crucial.

Turn 15 (Virage du Pont) - That's because the final turn approaches fast, a sharp right before drivers hit the loud pedal again for the main straight.

Paul Ricard Track Guide