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Slipstream Racing North America

Races are Saturdays at 7pm EST/2300 GMT and Thursday at 9pm EST/0100 GMT

We currently have 3 Championships, the GT3 and MultiClass on Saturday Nights and the Porsche Cup on Thursdays.

MultiClass Season Starts Saturday May 8, 2021 7pm EST/2300 GMT.

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Slipstream Racing [NA] GT4 Championship

Races are Saturdays at 9pm Eastern

Our Thurday night GT4 Series is full of close action!

Season Starts Saturday, January 16th at 9pm Eastern

Slipstream Racing Europe

Slipstream Racing [Europe] GT3 Championship

Races are Fridays at 8:30pm BST

Main event series with 3 Championships, Overall, Sprint, and Endurance.

Season Starts Friday 16th of April.

Slipstream Racing [Europe] British/Intercontinental GT3 Championship

Races are Sundays at 2pm BST

A strong taste of the British GT Series with a mix of some other great tracks across the World!

Season Starts Friday 11th of April.